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Capturing the story quickly

Whether you require a simple static timelapse, or a fully motion-controlled, six axis shot over one hour or one week, we provide aesthetically-conjured shots for every story.  Be it for film, television or web, our bespoke rigs take in amazing views all over the world. With shooting capabilities from HD, UHD, 4K and up to 8K, our specialist camera set-ups can provide for your every need.


Location Manager, Researcher, DOP and Editor roles all merged together to provide you with a simple solution for the shots you need!

How It Works

Our standard timelapses are shot using Digital mirrorless SLR cameras.  These not only provide a resolution above 4K / UHD, each individual image is captured as a raw file and can be graded with endless looks and styles. We don't stop at 4k. For higher resloutions, we can upgrade the cameras to achieve up to 8k which is great across multiple screens and projection mapping.

Video Production



Each shoot we undertake goes through a thorough process of planning. We research the locations online and recce in person (if required) to make sure we can get the best positions. Being typically British means we're obsessed with the weather anyway, so we try and juggle the shoot to match your requirements. We take into account The Photographer's Ephemeris to ensure for accurate sunrise/ sunset measurements.

Company Maker



Our kit is selected for the environment we shoot in, be it deep in snow in Greenland or basking heat in Africa. All of our kit is powered with portable batteries, and for long term solutions we use solar panels. 

Corporate Video



If you'd rather receive an uncompressed video file than tens of thousands of pictures at the end of a shoot, we can do this too.  For single day shoots, we can offer a fast turnaround service and deliver the footage to you in approx. 24-48 hours.   Once the files have been backed up, the images are individually treated in Adobe Lightroom, rendered and combined into an uncompressed video file or cinematic film.